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Paagal_si_-_Marigold_New_Video_feat_Salman_Khan 2 PART(PARTY)

Marigold is one romantic comedy musical about an American young woman who travels in India and notices that his(her,its) life is transformed by experiences(experiments) and unexpected adventures. The American actress Marigold LEXTON ( Ali Larter) arrives in India without speaking about Hindi and with a bad attitude. She(it) met in Goa when her(its) project of Hollywood movie falls into the water(falls through) (problem of money(silvers)) she(it) meets in a small role in a movie of Bollywood. She asks of the help(assistant) Prem ( Salman Khan) for a choreographer of movie. After some lapse, Marigold is in no way a dancer. She(it) tries(feels) a very big confidence(trust) to Prem and her(its) love for Prem increases(grows).
Marigold discovers that Prem is a fiancé to an Indian girl Janvi ( Nandana Sen) who he does not love

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